Five hundred Friends

Denis Carolan
Denis Carolan



            Five Hundred Friends


Five hundred friends on facebook and still you feel alone

Like somehow you've been overlooked inside your goldfish bowl

I see you staring at that screen

Trying to find somebody real-

-But all you seem to find these days are shady deals and ghosts-

but you've got Five hundred friends

you got five hundred friends


Five hundred friends on Facebook smiling on your wall

Make you feel like cinderella but you're never at the ball

So you photoshopped a pumpkin -you gave him eyes and lips 

but you know he's missing something 

And he'll never be your prince...

Five hundred friends...


There outside your window, children playing in the street 

Was a time when you said hello but now you never speak..


Five hundred friends...

five hundred friends on Facebook who think that you're real cool

They love the way your page looks and all those things you did in school-

But the devil's in the details and those you don't disclose

you made them disappear just like those freckles from your nose

Five hundred friends...


Five hundred friends on Facebook you can tag and share and poke

But for a handshake or warm embrace don't hold out so much hope

And lately your suspicious- it feels like something's wrong

Could it be one tiny click and everybody's gone...

Five hundred friends... Five hundred friends...