Corazónes ( @ Simon's Place )

Denis Carolan
Denis Carolan





Un Corazón en Mí Café


We’re delicate desperados down

 At Simon’s Place

 Exchanging our cheap bravado

 For a little grace-

  hesitating heroes

 and these outlaw dreams we chase-

 For smiling señoritas

 And a corazón en mi café




I’m raiding sugar-cube castles

 Climbing salt- cellar hills

 Winning my crossword battles

  where too much ink gets spilled

 Working on my legend

 There beauty still holds sway-

 There are smiling senoritas

  y un corazón en mi café




But it’s clear there are no maidens here need saving-

 It’s me I fear the hero who is failing…

 I’m shining up my saddles

 Polishing my moves

 Readying for battle

 With the trepidation blues

 A shoot-out with my shadow-

 And one last chance to save the day-

 For a smiling señorita

 Y un corazón en mi café


   D Carolan 12/08/19